New Year

This year is celebrated in:: 2024-01-01

Presently all Christian churches celebrate the New Year on January 1. The word “January” means “birth”. Before Christ’s coming to the world mankind was the captive of hell and constrained by eternal death. Being born in January Christ destroyed the hell, saved the mankind from eternal death and leads to the Kingdom of Heaven. That’s why January became the months’ beginning.  January 1 is the first day of the first month of the year of birth of our Lord Jesus Christ.  On January 1 a Divine Liturgy is celebrated in all churches.
According to the folk tradition on January 1 people decorate the New Year tree symbolizing the Tree of Life of Eden. 


This feast has been and will be on the following dates

2030-01-01 New Year

2029-01-01 New Year

2028-01-01 New Year

2027-01-01 New Year

2026-01-01 New Year

2025-01-01 New Year

2024-01-01 New Year

2023-01-01 New Year

2022-01-01 New Year

2021-01-01 New Year

2020-01-01 New Year

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