Teryan Poetry Day in Gandza Village

Since 1967, the penultimate Sunday of July has been dedicated to Vahan Teryan, the talented lyricist of Armenian classical literature and worthy son of Javakhk land and his unique poetry.

And here, with the strong power of tradition, on July 23, 2023, in the village of Gandza, Ninotsminda region, the memory of the poet and the immortality of his poetry were honored again. At the initiative of the Armenian Diocese in Georiga, Susanna Khachatryan, Eugenia Markosyan, and Gisane Hovsepyan participated in the current Teryan Day event.

The village of Gandza in Ninotsminda region was crowded since morning. Guests from Tbilisi, different regions of Georgia, RA provinces (marzes), and Yerevan attended the event.

The traditional Teryan Poetry Day began with a Divine Liturgy celebrated in a building created in the 1840s, Saint Karapet church which was built under the leadership and support of priest Rev. Father Grigor, Vahan Teryan’s grandfather. The Divine Liturgy was celebrated by Pastor Rev. Father Gevorg Asatryan under the presidency of Rev. Father Archimandrite Nshan Hmayakyan, General Prelate at Samtskhe-Javakheti and Tsalka’s General Prelacy.

After participating in the festive Divine Liturgy, the guests visited the house-museum of Vahan Teryan, after which, the event took place this time in the field because no hall could accommodate the admirers of Teryan's poetry.

Poet Vahan Teryan (Vahan Ter-Grigoryan), the supporter of love, freedom, equality and brotherhood, was born in the quiet and peaceful Javakhk. He had strong ties to his birthplace Gandza village keeping infinite love and longing for his homeland. And already for the 56th time, Gandza hosted those who wanted to pay their respects to the talent and poetry of the great poet, singer motherland, brotherhood, and equality.

Opening the field event, Martin Aroyan, who conducted the event proudly, mentioned in his speech that since 1967, Teryan Day in Gandza symbolically presents the people's love and respect towards Vahan Teryan, the child of this land, and the immortal poetry he created. And Vahan Teryan's poetry was spread all around, expressed in the speech of Arushan Hakobyan, head of the RA Constitutional Center, head of "Vahan Teryan" cultural Center, immersing the attendees in the magical world of Teryan's poetry.

Susanna Khachatryan, spokesperson of the Armenian Diosece in Georiga conveyed the blessings and congratulations of the Diocesan Primate Archimandrite Kirakos Davtyan to attendees, as well as his good wishes to the Armenians of Javakheti for holding proudly, maintaining and passing on national values from generation to generation. The speaker did highlight that the Teryan Poetry Day celebration has its permanent and unshakable place among other celebrations: "Vardaton" (The Feast of Roses) dedicated to Sayat-Nova and celebrated in May in Tbilisi, song and folk feasts dedicated to Ashugh Jivani, celebrated in Kartsakh village of Akhalkalaki region and Gusan Havasi celebrated in Ayazma village in Tsalka region. And the editor of "Vrastan" ("Georgia") newspaper, Van Bayburdyan, expressing his gratitude to the Georgian authorities, reminded that since 1981, Teryan Poetry Day has been among the state holidays and soon, without a doubt, the local authorities will celebrate the 60th anniversary of Teryan Poetry Day with even greater solemnity.

The Teryan Day event held in a field turned into a real celebration in Javakhk harmonized with the masterful performances of both local song and dance ensembles and individual performers and those from surrounding regions and the speeches made by guests.




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